February 3, 2017

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You’re Not Crazy, The Leaks Coming Out Of The Trump Admin Really Are YUGE

The Gist: Many of the unflattering details about the turmoil at the White House and inner psychology of the President have come from a steady stream of anonymous leaks. Presidential historians and veteran political journalists agree they’re unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Military Convoy Sporting 'Trump' Flag Was Naval Special Warfare Unit

The Gist: A convoy of military vehicles flying a Trump flag last weekend in Kentucky belonged to a Naval Special Warfare unit, according to multiple reports.

Conway Cites Nonexistent 'Bowling Green Massacre' To Defend Travel Ban

The Gist: Kellyanne Conway, adviser to President Donald Trump and proponent of "alternative facts," on Thursday cited the "Bowling Green Massacre" to defend Trump's ban on visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Fox News reported Thursday morning that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly said that parts of President Donald Trump's border wall would be transparent, TPM's Matt Shuham wrote. Fox’s Catherine Herridge said that Kelly told her that the wall “will take a multi-layered approach. There will be the physical wall and then parts of the wall that you can see through because it will rely on sensors and other technology.”

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: "Did Trump press for a more aggressive policy than his advisors counseled? Are they blaming the President for operational shortcomings in the military planning? Whatever the reality of the situation, what seems most germane is that military officials (at least on a fair reading of this Reuters report) seem to be throwing the Commander-in-Chief under the bus. That is a big deal whether they're pointing out his poor decision making or covering up for their own. "

Say What?!

"Sen. Risch’s main priority is always serving the constituents of Idaho, but at the same time, the safety and security of his staff is also important. We would just ask if people would make an appointment and be respectful of the staff. "

- A Republican senator in Idaho has asked constituents to schedule meetings in advance at one local office after dozens of people protesting President Donald Trump have swamped the location every day for two weeks.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "I believe the filibuster is basically dead. No matter who won the last election, Clinton or Trump, the filibuster was going to be nuked. I would much rather see it nuked on the Republican's watch than the Democrats -- just because.. I also think it is just a matter of time until it is nuked all together. And good riddance. At some point, the Democrats will regain control of the Federal government. Given the Republican's propensity to overreach, I suspect it will be sooner than later. It only takes a recession. (And Republicans' economic performance is ALWAYS worse than Democrats.) If the Republicans have packed the court prior to then, there would be nothing to stop the Democrats from increasing the number of justices from 9 to, say, 15 (after all, the workload on the Court is greater than it was a century ago!) The goal is to show the Court for what it is: a super legislature comprised of party hacks. Of course, this is exactly what Chief Justice Roberts does not want to see."

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