July 22, 2015

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Conservatives Are Furious That Trump Is Distracting From Planned Parenthood

The Gist: Trump is under fire from fellow conservatives for taking up media oxygen that they think should be devoted to recent undercover Planned Parenthood videos made by an anti-abortion group.

Who Will Be 2016's White Working Class Hero?

The Gist: Democratic candidates like Sanders and Clinton will struggle to win back the allegiance of white non-college educated voters who tend to vote Republican.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Interviews President Obama  

The Gist: The President joined Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" for a wide-ranging interview about the Iran nuclear deal and his achievements while in office.

From The Reporter's Notebook

National Review writer Kevin D. Williamson penned a piece calling Bernie Sanders a national socialist, suggesting that the liberal senator could be compared to Nazis. According to TPM's Caitlin MacNeal, Williamson has a history of writing inflammatory pieces. He once said a young African American was making a “gesture of primate territorial challenge."

Agree or Disagree?

Peter Dreier thinks that Donald Trump’s bumbling mess of a campaign could actually help Democrats win the presidency in 2016.

Say What?!

"Run for President, but don’t be the world’s biggest jackass." 

- Lindsey Graham had some advice for his fellow Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "I am completely TIRED of police officers escalating minor traffic violations into combative situations. Completed tired of it. There were reports that she may have been mouthy...SO WHAT!!! Are our police officers so sensitive now that they have to pull a mouthy individual out of car, start slamming them around, and then throw them in jail for days? I suspect this is what landed the first-contact officer on desk duty for failure to follow TEXAS standards. I also note that the jail failed to follow standards for eyeball contact with inmates every hour--instead they use an intercom? What is possibly up with that? And did they do that through the night causing sleep deprivation or did they just not do it at all? Again, the jail has not followed TEXAS standards. I am reminded of Ferguson....and possible collusion between the courts and police officers to bear down on the black community in this area and extract every last penny they can extract. I would like to see their statistics. There are two Americas right now--the Finland-like America whites experience and the Somalia-like America blacks experience. Nate Silver has proved that with data--not anecdotes. It is time for white America to face up to a disgraceful problem. Until we do that, we only will apply bandaids."

Related: A prosecutor says it's too soon to know how Sandra Bland died. 

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