September 28, 2015

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Texas Mayor Leads The Truther Charge Over Ahmed Mohamed's Clock

The Gist: Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne criticized the Mohamed family’s response to the incident and told an interviewer she’s just “saying the things that we're all thinking.”

Pope Francis Says Kim Davis Refusal To Issue Marriage Licenses Is 'A Right'

The Gist: The Pope addressed the Catholic Church’s priest sex abuse scandal, as well as questions about Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, during his trip to the U.S.

CBS Host Grills Trump On Tax Plan: 'What Kind Of Republican Are You?'

The Gist:  “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley expressed surprise at Trump’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Reporter Tierney Sneed was on the Hill to witness House Speaker John Boehner's resignation on Friday. This photo is from her Twitter: 


Agree or Disagree?

Law professor Richard Hasen believes “the future composition of the Supreme Court is the most important civil rights cause of our time” because the ability to take on specific civil rights struggles “depends first and foremost upon control of the Court.”

Say What?!

"I should be getting out of the race, which I am not because I think we're making really good progress and connecting."

- Republican candidate John Kasich thinks he's making really good progress in New Hampshire and Iowa.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "I've seen so many pundits say McCarthy is not "ready" yet to be speaker...what does one need to be "ready"? You betcha the crazies will be stampeding to run for the #2 Majority Leader. I hear now Tom Price (R-GA) whom I consider one of the most vile members of congress (and when you look at all the choices thats a distinction), is now looking for a rematch with McMorris-Rogers for the #2. If they start calling the shots...its going to get ugly before anything gets better."

Related: House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price wanted his committee to tackle social security reform.

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