July 8, 2015

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White Supremacist Starts Legal Defense Fund After FBI Visit About Dylann Roof

The Gist: Don Black, former KKK Grand Dragon and founder of, says his organization is "under attack” in the wake of last month’s shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

Iowa County GOP Members Resign Over Confederate Flags On Parade Float

The Gist: Members of the Marion County Republicans flew Confederate flags in a Fourth of July parade, alongside campaign signs for GOP candidates.

Dinesh D'Souza Circulates Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

The Gist: The conservative author posted a Photoshopped photo of a young Hillary Clinton that made it look as if she was posing next to a Confederate flag.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Reporter Tierney Sneed wrote about other provisions in a Wisconsin budget package that came under scrutiny for language that would have dismantled the state's open records law. One odd detail: the bill, known as Motion 999, includes language that would raise the levels of lead allowed in paint before it is deemed unsafe by the state.

Agree or Disagree?

The best-case scenario for Bernie Sanders' campaign, in Ed Kilgore's opinion, is something resembling Ronald Reagan’s 1976 challenge to Gerald Ford, which fell short of victory, but signaled the impending conquest of the GOP by the conservative movement.

Say What?!

- Paula Deen tweeted a picture of her son in brownface to look like Cuban actor Desi Arnaz from "I Love Lucy."

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "One possibility with Greece, and this was the case with Germany, is that you might have a financially good country dealing with a currently impossible balance sheet. You might think, for example, that Greece's pension system is unsustainable -- and maybe it is! -- but it might be sustainable for a long time, if not forever, if the government had different financing concerns. Of course the government could, with a clean slate, get itself right back into trouble. But when you can keep a chunk of change from going right from the central bank to bondholders, you do find that trouble doesn't court you as often. Honestly, with countries, this never happens. The US will never "pay off" its debts. It will refinance as long as this economic system exists. Germany, similarly, never got to zero and it is still a net debtor. Why would future lenders let Greece refinance? Because they'll need the yield and it will seem like a great deal at the time."

Related: The Eurozone says Greece has submitted no new proposals to secure a deal with creditors.

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