August 12, 2015

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How Donald Trump Has Out-Cruzed Ted Cruz

The Gist: Cruz has long cultivated an anti-immigration supporter base. He now runs the risk that Trump will usurp his brand, his base, and the rationale for his entire candidacy.

What We Can Learn From Rick Perry's Brief Rise And Tragic Fall 

The Gist: The former Texas Governor soared to the top of the polls when he first announced a presidential run back in 2011. But his national profile has taken a continuous and ferocious beating ever since.

Parenting While Black: Toya Graham on Violence, Fear and Freddie Gray

The Gist: Graham hit her son to prevent him from participating in the Freddie Gray protests. Video of the incident went viral, becoming a lightning rod for debate around how African Americans should discipline their children.

From The Reporter's Notebook

TPM reporter Tierney Sneed explored how Donald Trump has been able to out-Cruz Cruz with his rhetoric on immigration, making Cruz reluctant to criticize him. But despite their similar style, Trump and Cruz have broken on policy. Trump, for instance, is taking a more moderate line on Planned Parenthood funding.

Agree or Disagree?

According to Brian Murphy, Scott Walker owes more to ALEC at the outset of his presidential campaign than any previous candidate for the White House.

Say What?!

"An Alabama mayor was attacked Saturday allegedly by the baseball bat-wielding former co-host of his TV show over a supposed sex tape."

- Need we say any more? 

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "There has been spirited debate about the Sanders campaign and issues of race. In fact...there are several threads that have touched on it. I think Bernie cares about racism, but thought his economic message should resonate with all people regardless of race. In fact, I've heard him say as much. I'm not sure #blacklivesmatter hijacking speeches is the best way to go, since after they did it once, I would say they got his attention. Many of his recent staff hires have been people of color in policy positions to advise him and bring these issues to his attention...I dont think you'd see many other candidates do that. Dont forget Bernie was right there marching fifty years ago for racial equality. Oh, and no one even needs to look at republicans for any answers."

Related: Sanders said the Charleston shooting was a reminder of America's "ugly stain of racism."

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