January 6th, 2017

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Poll: Only One In Five Want Obamacare Repeal Without Replace

The Gist: Only one in five Americans agrees with the current GOP plan of repealing Obamacare without details of a replacement, a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found.

Trump Questions Info On Russian Hacking Ahead Of Intel Briefing

The Gist: Trump spent Thursday evening on Twitter blasting media leaks and questioning whether the DNC was hacked.

Trump Swears He Will Still Make Mexico Pay For The Border Wall!

The Gist: Following reports that the Trump team's current plan for building a border wall relies on Congress to appropriate federal funds to pay for the wall, Trump insisted that Mexico would pay eventually.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Two small businesses have filed liens alleging that they were not paid for work on President-elect Donald Trump's new luxury hotel in Washington, D.C., according to a Thursday report. Family-owned plumbing and HVAC firm Joseph J. Magnolia, Inc., claims that it is out $2.98 million for more than two years of work on the Trump International Hotel, and contracting firm A&D Construction of Sterling, Virginia, also claims that it is out $79,700 for wall base and crown molding work performed on the hotel just three weeks before Trump held an opening celebration.

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: "What does this mean? It means we should be highly skeptical of these kinds of wholesale claims about the CIA underestimating threats. We shouldn't disregard them. But we should be highly skeptical. In this case, the key players involved in this proposed reform are all hotheads with axes to grind. In the case of Flynn, he seems to have an almost pathological inability to separate the factual from the fanciful. Whether this move is more driven by Trump's anger over the Russian hacking story, or whether Flynn is using that rage to get sign off to destroy his former rivals and tormentors isn't clear to me. Whatever it is, it looks like what's coming will be a Bush Era 'stove-piping and conspiracy theory as intelligence analysis' on steroids unlike anything we've ever seen."

Say What?!

"UW-Madison Declares War on Men"

- A Republican senator on Wednesday called for the the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s funding to be cut over a program exploring masculinity that he says amounts to a “war on men.”

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "Trump with his 'very good brain' probably thinks he can play China and Russia off each other but what he'll end up doing is letting the wolf (bear) in the door. Trump admires a strong man like Putin and I suspect a good portion of conservatives, despite their lectures about freedom, actually want a dominant father figure in the White House."

Related: United States intelligence agencies reportedly obtained evidence after the November election that allegedly showed Russia leaked emails from the DNC to Wikileaks through a third party.

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