June 29, 2015

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5 Times Paul LePage Truly Lived Up To The Title Of 'America's Craziest Guv'

The Gist: From his off-color remarks to his meetings with so-called “sovereign citizens”, the Maine Republican has truly earned his reputation as “America’s craziest governor.”

Texas AG: Clerks Can Refuse To Give Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

The Gist: Some conservative officials are insisting that they do not need to adhere to the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. Texas Attorney Ken Paxton is one such official.

Activist Arrested For Scaling Flagpole To Take Down S.C. Confederate Flag

The Gist: Activist Bree Newsome temporarily removed the South Carolina Statehouse’s Confederate flag on Saturday before being arrested by the police. The flag was raised again under an hour later.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Despite her confrontational take on issues ranging from gun rights to the war on Christianity, conservative CNN pundit S.E. Cupp has always been relatively sympathetic towards gay rights. According to TPM’s Brendan James, that attitude came to fruition on Friday when she teared up on air while talking about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.

Agree or Disagree?

Peter Moskowitz believes our celebration over the Supreme Court’s decision to award same-sex couples the right to marry is not a celebration of equality, but of “the institution of marriage itself.”

Say What?!

"And then today, this radical decision purporting to down the marriage laws of every state. It has no connection to the United States Constitution. They are simply making it up."

- Ted Cruz said that last week's Supreme Court decisions undermined the legitimacy of the institution.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "I never get this line of thought. Why should saying something about this guy's background--a few tidbits which don't even pretend to rise to the level of an explanation--be seen as an attempt to excuse his actions? We're just supposed to say he was evil and leave it at that? Obviously what he did was evil, but surely it's worth trying to see how someone could become so warped that he sees evil as good. "

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