August 3, 2015

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1989 Documentary Resurfaces With All Kinds Of Dirt On The Donald 

The Gist: “Trump: What’s The Deal?” highlights many of the controversies that still plague The Donald to this day, including his propensity towards litigation and his history of hiring undocumented immigrants.

Subway Jared Reportedly Texted About Paying A 16-Year-Old For Sex

The Gist: The FBI has subpoenaed former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s text messages following reports that he solicited teenage girls on Craigslist.

Jimmy Carter: America Is Not A Democracy Anymore  

The Gist:  The former president lamented that unlimited campaign financing has transformed the U.S. into an “oligarchy."

From The Reporter's Notebook

Newswriter Caitlin Cruz wrote about an extended interview given by Monique Pressley, the lawyer for comedian Bill Cosby, about sexual assault allegations against him. In addition to saying Cosby did not prevent any women from coming forward, she disputed the use of quaaludes as a sedative to facilitate rape. Her legal strategy of framing the conversation in terms of criminal prosecution is smart, as the statute of limitations is up in most cases.

Agree or Disagree?

Brian Murphy thinks presidential candidate Chris Christie’s recent effort to rebrand as a champion of commuters is one of those stunning reversals that can only happen in the context of an ailing presidential campaign.

Say What?!

“Yeah, we didn’t want our daughters to marry you and we didn’t want our children to go to school with you,” he said. “But you’ve got to realize something, your parents didn’t want it, either.”

- A participant in a pro-Confederate flag rally spoke to some black counter-protestors about how their ancestors also supported segregation.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "The basic purpose of a political party is to manage elections. The RNC no longer controls funding for Presidential candidates – that has moved to the big-time donors. The infrastructure of elections (the mailing lists) are also largely held by PACs and big-time donors and the RNC has been begging to get control of them, largely unsuccessfully. The debates that are make or break for lesser funded candidates, are managed by Fox “News” in terms of who gets on the stage and who gets the children’s table. Social media now allows anyone to self-declare what purports to be the GOP position. Individual Senators make foreign policy on their own (e.g. Tom Cotton) and lock in the GOP leadership. And, most importantly, significant segments of the GOP base have no use for establishment politicians who compromise (meaning, “govern”) in collaboration with the other side. We will see as the convention nears, but it’s not clear to me right now that the GOP leadership has the ability or credibility to drive this effort."

Related: Josh Marshall on the GOP's many divisions.

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