August 31, 2015

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How Hillary Clinton's Emails Ended Up Dogging Her Campaign

The Gist: TPM’s detailed guide tracing back the news reports, government inquiries and Clinton camp statements that marked each step in the months-long saga.

Scott Walker: Wall On The Canada-US Border Is A 'Legitimate Issue' (VIDEO)

The Gist: Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said that the U.S. should “consider” building a wall along its northern border.

President Obama Renames North America's Tallest Mountain

The Gist: The President is changing the name of Alaska’s Mount McKinley to its traditional Alaska Native name of Denali.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Newswriter Caitlin Cruz has been following the debate about the removal of the statue of Jefferson Davis, Confederate president, from the University of Texas at Austin campus. The debate finally came to a close Sunday when the university moved the statue into a campus history exhibit. This is the latest incident in the national effort to remove monuments dedicated to the Confederacy, of which Texas has a high concentration.

Agree or Disagree?

Amanda Marcotte writes that the rape trial of a male student at a New Hampshire prep school tapped into a widespread rape myth: that women reclassify consensual sex as “rape” in order to preserve their reputations.

Say What?!

“I think we need to move away from hyphenated Americans. We’re not African-Americans or Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, rich or poor Americans: we’re all Americans."

-Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal said immigrants should be forced to assimilate.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “I think Biden is preparing a ‘in case of emergency, break glass,’ kind of candidacy. I don't think he comes in at all unless Hillary absolutely gets destroyed in a scandal. I think we probably, well most of us anyway, agree that Bernie Sanders has no shot in the general, even if he somehow gets the nomination. 99% of the electorate probably can't tell you who Marty O'Malley is or what state he's from, so it would really be helpful if those 2 fine gents weren't plan B. Biden might be positioning himself to be a plan B.”

Related: Ed Kilgore says we should stop the Biden-for-2016 madness.

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