September 3, 2015

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D'oh! Why The GOP Is Unlikely To Deliver On Obamacare Repeal This Fall

The Gist: GOP congressional leaders are facing the political reality that the party lacks a concrete alternative to Obamacare and the votes to repeal it.

Huckabee: KY Clerk Shouldn't Bow To 'False God Of Judicial Supremacy'

The Gist: Huckabee defended Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, saying “government is not God.”

Rick Perry Has Lost His Entire New Hampshire Staff

The Gist: The presidential candidate no longer has a staff in New Hampshire, and his former political director in the state has defected to Gov. John Kasich’s campaign.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Mike Huckabee called on Congress to block President Obama’s renaming of Mount McKinley. But according to TPM’s Sara Jerde, a federal law from the 1940s has been cited as the way the new name was greenlighted without Congress’ approval. The law states that the Interior Department can resolve deadlock name changes, which it did with Obama’s endorsement.

Agree or Disagree?

Amanda Marcotte writes that the muted reaction of mainstream conservatives to Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples suggests that, for now, “hysterical opposition to same-sex marriage” has been left to “a right-wing fringe.”

Say What?!

If folks in Ohio are really intent on naming Alaska places, maybe they’d let us name some of theirs?

-Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz joked about the uproar over the decision to rename Mount McKinley.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive
From a TPM Prime member: "Racism ends with one on one relationships: when people of different races get to know each other and begin to see each other as human. That doesn't happen if the police are playing military. If they are playing military, they have to have an enemy. I think that problem combines with the distance all this military equipment provides between the police and the community. If you're cruising around in a tank, you’re not coming into contact with many people. If you are pointing weapons and firing orders at people, you're not talking with or listening to them.

One solution is to limit the paramilitary equipment police are allowed to use on the communities they police. Another is to require that the police officers live in the communities they police. "

Related: President Obama banned the federal government from providing local police with armored vehicles and some military-style weapons.

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