August 14, 2015

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Why Planned Parenthood's Defense Against GOP Attacks Could Backfire

The Gist: Planned Parenthood's defenders point out that abortions only make up 3 percent of the services they provide. But we can't defend reproductive health care by reinforcing the notion that abortion is different.

Jeb Bush Leaves Door Open For Use Of Torture By Government

The Gist: The GOP presidential candidate declined to rule out resuming the U.S. government's use of torture techniques under some circumstances.

Greek Lawmakers Back Third Bailout After All-Night Debate

The Gist:  A heated overnight debate ended with Greece accepting a bailout that provides the country with 85 billion euros in loans in exchange for harsh spending cuts and tax hikes.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Mike Huckabee said Thursday that he would not criticize Donald Trump. He now joins Ted Cruz’s camp, as the Texas senator has also refused to bash the real estate mogul. However, as TPM newswriter Caitlin MacNeal points out, Huckabee was very upfront about his reasons for being kind toward Trump, while Cruz has not noted an interest in Trump’s eventual support.

Agree or Disagree?

Alimony should not be seen as the “bitchy ex-wife punishing her husband by seeking support.” Instead, writes economist Kate Bahn, women should “consider that they are owed monetary compensation for the gendered economic effects of marriage and divorce.”

Say What?!

"Taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal."

- GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush voiced approval for the toppling of Hussein by American forces during the invasion of Iraq.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "If everybody was the perfect citizen, we could all be trusted to walk around with massive fire power. If we could socialize people not to harm each other, then more guns wouldn't mean more shootings. If we can't trust everybody, we could remove specialized weapons. But everyday weapons (sharp objects and blunt objects) are needed for society to function. At least it is harder to injure large numbers in a short period of time with sharp/blunt objects than specialized weapons. These are two different ways to attack the same problem. First train people to be their own better angles. Second, remove weapons that scale well when committing death and mayhem (guns, explosives, swords, etc). The two ways to reduce murder and mayhem are both imperfect; but they compliment each other. They are not an either/or decision."

Related: Bobby Jindal said it was inappropriate to discuss gun control following the shooting in Lafayette, LA.

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