September 23, 2015

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Trump Truth! Was Trump’s Obama/Muslim Questioner A Plant?

The Gist: Many prominent conservatives have speculated that the town-hall questioner who said President Obama was a Muslim was actually a plant.

Pharmaceutical Company To Lower Drug Price After 5,000-Percent Price Hike

The Gist: The CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals agreed to roll back a price increase that raised the cost of a drug that fights deadly infections from $13.50 per pill to $750.

Sanders: Pope Has Helped 'Turn The Tide' On Addressing Climate Change

The Gist: Sanders praised the pontiff's focus on income inequality and climate change, calling the Catholic leader "courageous."

From The Reporter's Notebook

Trump targeted a new Fox News host on Monday night, attacking Bill O’Reilly for inviting guests onto his show who were critical of the real estate mogul. But according to TPM's Caitlin MacNeal, Trump couldn't help but work in a jab at Fox’s Megyn Kelly. He retweeted a supporter’s tweet criticizing Kelly, adding, “She is the worst - all anti-Trump! Terrible show.”

Agree or Disagree?

Ed Kilgore writes that the "once-gripping saga" of failed candidate Scott Walker taking on Wisconsin's public-employee unions “lost its galvanizing force.… The wild music and manic gyrations of the contest are just beyond his capacity, leaving him drifting into irrelevance as a failed demagogue.”

Say What?!

"We should not have a multicultural society. When you create pockets of isolation, and in some cases, the assimilation process has been retarded, it’s wrong. It limits people’s aspirations."

- Jeb Bush is worried that the U.S. is "creeping towards multiculturalism."

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "Folks, the regulatory burden for a drug or medical device is NEVER satisfied. It is an ongoing daily slog that costs a lot of time and money. A business delivering less that a million dollars cannot cover the costs in any way makes it a going concern. Even at $10M, it isn't worth the capital investment. Products aren't magic things that you set up and they pop out the other side in bottles on the pharmacists shelves. I spent the majority of my career in tech, a $10M product line would have never been kept going without some real up for future upside. With the necessary, important and valuable overheads of FDA oversight and regulation, $10M is a marginal business at best."

Related: The FDA recently approved female Viagra.

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