September 22, 2015

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How Dare He? Climate Change Skeptics Freak Out Over The Pope's Visit

The Gist: The freakout over Pope Francis’ call for a "bold cultural revolution" on climate change has reached a fever pitch now that the Pope has arrived in the U.S.

Kim Davis Speaks Out: Dignity Isn't 'Guaranteed In The Constitution'

The Gist: The Kentucky clerk talked to ABC News about the criticism she has faced and why she will continue to oppose same-sex marriage.

Carson Bashes GOPers Who 'Take Issue' With My Remark On Muslims

The Gist:  Ben Carson continued to defend his opinion that he would not support a Muslim presidential candidate, telling Fox News, “I meant exactly what I said.”

From The Reporter's Notebook

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced that his new, untitled book would be released next month. If his previous books are any indication, his new novel will likely include “Trump” in the title, as TPM’s Sara Jerde read in the LA Times. Other works by Trump include: "Trump: The Art of the Deal," "Trump: The Art of the Comeback," and “Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received."

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall wonders "whether Walker's own attachment to Koch-like mega-donors and the change in the campaign finance landscape brought about by Citizens United has shifted the terrain and forced Walker to pull the plug more rapidly than we might have expected. When the game really is controlled by a small group of billionaires, if they say you're done, you're done."

Say What?!

"Are we sure it was only forty years ago?"

- Donald Trump suggested in an Instagram video that Jeb Bush might still be smoking marijuana.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "...that bodes well for Hillary in the primaries. And it says there may be good enthusiasm for her in the general by liberals. But two things: swing voters, swing states. In the end, this is where the rubber will meet the road, and we really cannot know for sure how that plays out this far in advance. The polls are not good indicators of what things will be like a year from now. So, that cuts both ways. We don't really know if Hillary will be fine. And we don't know if she'll be in trouble. I'm with you in that I suspect Hillary can handle herself. We'll get a much better read on that in October."

Related: A poll showed Trump narrowly beating Hillary in Florida.

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What We're Reading

U.S. soldiers were told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies. (The New York Times)

No refugee housing options are as controversial as former German concentration camps. (The Guardian)

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