August 11, 2015

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Donald Trump's Not That 'Innocent' When It Comes To Talking Sex

The Gist: Despite his attempts to shame Fox host Megyn Kelly for answering questions about her sex life in a radio interview five years ago, Trump has spoken about sex very publicly in countless interviews.

Ferguson Police Arrest Nearly 2 Dozen After State Of Emergency Declared

The Gist: During a fourth consecutive night of demonstrations marking the anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, almost a dozen people were arrested.

The Forgotten Story of America's Other Racist Flag

The Gist:  The POW/MIA flag represents a reimagined history of the Vietnam War in which Americans were the preeminent victims.

From The Reporter's Notebook

Donald Trump tried to shame his new nemesis, Fox News' Megyn Kelly, for talking about her breast size in an old Howard Stern interview. But TPM reporter Catherine Thompson says this is a case of people in glass houses. The Donald has been a frequent guest on "The Howard Stern Show," too, and has talked about sex tapes and his wife's birth control with the raunchy shock-jock.

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall thinks the Iran nuclear debate has reached a non-reality-based phase in which partisanship, hyperbole and deception have engulfed the conversation.

Say What?!

"I hope people join us at and see the details, not about what we think about another candidate, but what we think about making this country great again."

- Walker's website does not highlight, or even list, his stance on any issues.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: "It is fair to say that there is a population that regards any test that has a racially disparate outcome as being racially biased, even before or to the exclusion of exploring other reasons that might explain the difference. A more thorough discussion and analysis might be helpful, although it's difficult to see how the history that contributes to a presumption of racial bias could be omitted from the discussion. But if, as McWhorter suggests, the "solution" is better test prep for "black kids", we should also be having a discussion of whether the tests themselves have any actual worth. If performance reflects a person's ability to take standardized tests, or the extent to which they've been coached to take a particular standardized test, what useful information do we actually get from the result? (If McWhorter rejects out-of-hand the idea that the test results are a valid indication of intelligence, without delving into the facts, is he not joining what he sees as the antiracist religion?)"

Related: John Oliver said standardized tests are like putting kids in rap battles.

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